100 francs Trésor Public 1955

A rare banknote in UNC and an alphabet "A.2" unique?

All Treasury banknotes, the 100 francs trésor Public (VF.34) is not as successful as the 1,000 francs (VF.35) or the 5,000 francs (VF.36). It is also not even (yet) in the Fayette inventory. Nevertheless, it deserves some attention.

In fact, I made a score banknotes encountered, both in the various catalogs professionals on retail sites and new online archive of the cgb website. I get the table below, broken down by letter, for a provisional total of 112 notes:

First observation: the "P" letter is still unknown! So, all your workbooks...

Second observation: I only counts 3 banknotes in "UNC" or "aUNC" with the following references:


1) A.1 No. 88264, in "UNC" grade, sold on delcampe in April 2011 for 491 euros.

Then, I point to all the collectors that the smallest currently known for this score (A.1 No. 60125) is on sale from March 2013 in Numiscollection in "F" grade!


2) D.1 ​​No. 88523, proposed  in the Delcampe website in June 2010 for 412 euros in "UNC" grade.


3) Q.1 No. 49247, in "aUNC" grade, which was proposed in the VSO Paper Money 13 in January 2009, with oddly one offering the starting price of 370 euros... Happy, the purchaser of the note!


A unique alphabet?

To end this article, I recently pointed a note "A.2 No. 41004" in "VF" grade, but to my surprise, on all 112 banknotes met, it is currently the only listed with this alphabet; which would be unique? I urge all collectors to check their numbers Treasury notes... And as the saying goes: "Never two without three!".

Very soon in an upcoming issue of a next BN, cordially!


Yann-Noël Hénon





La version française a été publiée en septembre 2013 dans le Bulletin Numismatique N°123 de cgb.fr  : lire

See the note into the catalog: Here