Small numbers of Treasury

In recent years, you have access to a list of smaller numbers of Banque of France notes, but nothing existed on Treasury notes? As you have to start one day, this article just now fill the void.


Now for each type of banknote, the VF.01 to the VF.51 number closest to the first note issued is now known listed. I am based on a personal score of 4918 banknotes but this list is provisional and course improvement. As to the Claude Fayette inventory of rare notes, Jean-Marc Dessal ( and I count on you to refine and enhance this list.

For their extreme rarity, The VF.07, VF.08, VF.14, VF.23, VF.26, VF.28 and VF.40 references and were excluded from this first ranking.

For other reasons (time, priority), References to VF.16, VF.20, VF.24, VF.25 and VF.27 have not yet been taken into account.

In conclusion, if you have a banknote whose number is still closer to the first note issued as mentioned on the list, contact me with characteristics and picture support by email. Very soon in an upcoming article, Regards! Yann-Noël Hénon.


(Article written in French for in may 2014)

La version française a été publiée au format PDF dans le Bulletin Numismatique N°131 de : lire