Informations about the 5 references of the "Trésorerie aux Armées" (VF.1, VF.2, VF.3, VF.4 and VF.5 or Pick: M01, M02, M03, M04 and M05) were still not available, but in July 2010, a first score of 280 notes is published by Jean-Marc Dessal in the "Bulletin Numismatique # 79 of cgb.fr. I decided to continue this draft and pointing currently accounts 1,500 Notes, the distribution is indicated by reference in the following table:

Quantities issued are we still unknown, but it may think that VF.1 reference, which represents one third of the score, was issued in greater quantity than the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reference (VF.2 to VF.4) who seem to have known similar prints.


The case of the 2 Francs Trésorerie aux Armées?

As shown Claude Fayette for many years, the 2 Francs (reference VF.5) remains the most difficult to find banknotes. It may be noted that this represents only 10% of the total pointing notes: 150 banknotes. The distribution (for three letters A, B and C) is presented in the following table:

The letter "A" alone accounted for two thirds of the score and despite the amount pointing, I want to say that there currently no known note in UNC grade for this letter. According to the information given or received during my research, I count only 8 banknotes in AU grade! The letter "B" scored the last third of the score and I count only 6 banknotes in AU grade, the best note (see below) have been proposed in aUNC grade by cgb.fr  in the  Paper Money catalog # 14 (Ref # p14_0464).

The letter "C", a very rare banknote!

This letter was reported by Jean Pirot, but not confirmed in the Fayette book 2007. This is in December 2008 a copy is available for the first sale in aUNC grade by cgb.fr in the Paper Money catalog # 13 (see photo below). The note sells for € 600 (Ref # p13_1258).

In May 2009, the Numiscollection dealer propose a second copy in XF grade for € 300 (Ref # 53941). But since then, nothing! I learned a third note in aUNC grade state existed in collection for a few months ... It has had luck and patience, so that it eventually by making its entry in both the score and in my new ... personal collection! (see photo below).

For the great history, our unknown soldier will remain unknown forever but for the history of billetophilie, the letter "C" of the 2 Francs Trésorerie aux Armées with cash is no longer at all unknown! In a future article, I will detail all states and all rarities for all 66 banknotes to collect... If you have information or documents that might come expand this article, please contact me. Yann-Noël Hénon.

La version française a été publiée en juillet 2014 dans le Bulletin Numismatique N°133 de cgb.fr : lire