The find of 2010


A rare banknote is never safe from a discovery. For most delight of collectors, this is still an excellent surprise, especially if notes are in fair condition!


Until the end of 2009, the 1,000 francs type 1945 Marianne letter "B" (Reference: Schwan-Boling: 132a or VF12.2) was known only rare copies. In 1999, offers first post in VG grade for 600 francs, (#01B153146) in the banknotes catalog XXI (Ref.4568). Then it's Yves Jeremie reports another note (#01B045445) in an article published in the PM Magazine #18 in September 2002.


It was not until the year 2009 two other notes (#01B171145) and (#01B950675) are offered for sale by Numiscollection (#58946 and # 53574).

In August 2010, I bought the (#01B632212) and it is from this I started buying a score reference. To date, 29 banknotes are listed in the inventory (see table below). But as and pointing, I am surprised 21 notes are between the (#01B632190) and (#01B632228). Undoubtedly, it is indeed here a discovery, since all these notes appear virtually at the same time on the web, more exactly between January and September 2010! These have also the same track pinning rusty left in the 2nd decorative column (see description above). In conclusion, if we follow the logic of this series at least 17 numbers are still likely to "walk in nature": 632191, 632192, 632193, 632194, 632197, 632201, 632202, 632203, 632205, 632208, 632209, 632213, 632221, 632222, 632223, 632224, 632226 and 632227. If you have a ticket with one of the missing numbers contained in the above list, thank you in advance to communicate characteristics with photo support by email.


La version française a été publiée au format PDF dans le Bulletin Numismatique N°134 de : lire