The 6 Saar banknotes

Exceptional and rare set of 6 Saar banknotes coursables for sale

Since May 5, an exceptional set comprising all 6 banknotes coursables Saar is offered for sale on the auction site ebay Germany. All notes were circulated and are mostly in fair grade, probably VF/XF to AU, but the pictures provided by the seller does not confirm the exact statements. Despite the extreme rarity of all, the price charged for this rare serial is unfortunately not justified and was not negotiable! If we then look at each bill in detail, it is only the sixth note in coursable 1 for the 100 mark I meet today.

To make the comparison with another note, 100 mark (Z.1 - No. 40507) is the only coursable banknote sold to date, for an amount of € 2,800  and it was canceled by 3 perforations and classified VF+. Regarding the note 50 mark, it becomes the 38th copy of the FBOW inventory, but only the seventh note to the alphabet 3. The 2 mark becomes the 30th copy I enter in the FBOW inventory. Good luck to all for this sale ! Very soon in an upcoming article.


Yann-Noël Hénon.

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