100 francs Marianne type 1943

Rare for the "PH" letter and an unprecedented note... without letters and numbers!

Recent events of the 70th anniversary of D-day in Provence and Corsica... is an opportunity to re-light the 100 francs Marianne type 1943 (Ref. Fayette # VF6.1, Pick # 105a or Schwan-Boling # 116).


On the night of September 13, 1943, along with units of a Moroccan division, are three bills that were carried by the submarine Casabianca as bargaining occupying territories in future will be taken to the enemy: the 500 francs Algeria "Trésor" overprint (VF.09), the 1,000 francs Algeria "Trésor" overprint (VF.10) and 100 francs Marianne (VF.06). Certainly less famous than the other two, this post still deserves your attention.

Indeed, in recent years, I make a systematic score notes across and I can date a provisional total of 205 banknotes with a percentage breakdown by letter and presented in the table below.



First point: a discovery of at least 182 potential notes for "PG" series seems to exist, since I now tip 26 notes located between PG 788.090 and PG 788.272  numbers, an all notes are in AU/aUNC grade.


Second point: the "PH" series is still extremely rare... to find, but it's always possible to find more for these war notes. By cons, no note is known than VF grade for 8 banknotes referenced in the FBOW inventory. The finest example is currently PH 831.573 in VF grade in the FBOW Catalog (see cons).


Third Note: For the "PK" series no note is greater than XF/AU grade for 18 notes listed. The finest example is currently the PK 643.963 (sold € 195 at cgb.fr in Paper-Money # 7 in 2005 (Lot # p07_0410).


For the "PL" series seems no notes known than XF/AU grade for 41 notes listed. The finest example is currently the PL 952.227 (seen in the book "WWII, Military Currency" on page 29).


Finally, for the series "PM" and "PN", only a few banknotes are currently known in aUNC/UNC grade.


Yann-Noël Henon.







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A banknote without letters and numbers?

To conclude this article, I report the discovery of a note "without letters and numbers" purchased from Spink in July 2014 (Spink, World Banknotes - Auction: # 14009, Lot # 683) with the following description: "Note specimen in superb condition with surface dirt. The note does not have a serial number or double letters! A manuscript dated 14.12.1943 and the written in black ink signature, are present in the top margin of the note. A letter "c. "Is also printed in the upper right."  If anyone who can provide additional information about this note, thank you to contact me.