A rare coursable banknote in good quality and 4 letters are known: A, B, E and F

The banknote 5NF / 500 francs (Trésor Public) type 1960 (Ref. Fayette # VF.37.1, Pick # M14 or Schwan-Boling # 844) was used by the French forces stationed in Germany and Austria (FFA). Following the 1960 monetary reform which established the New Franc (NC), this post in reserve, was overloaded with an "CONTRE-VALEUR DE 5 NOUVEAUX FRANCS" in red on the watermark. It was the same for the 2 banknotes of 1000 Francs and 5,000 francs (Trésor Public) type 1955 (Ref. # VF38 and # VF.39).


Finally be noted that the bill does not exist without the overhead and has neither date nor signatures, as with all other outstanding issues in the occupied territories.


The score of all banknotes encountered reached the end of September 2014, a provisional total of 60 banknotes with a percentage distribution and letter presented in the table below.

It can be observed that only 4 letters are currently identified for type A, B, E and F. Then I only counts 6 beautiful quality notes classified SPL NEW, only 10% of the provisional total (see table below). The finest example is currently the E.1 - 42281, sold in 2004 for € 1,700 in UNC grade by cgb.fr, Banknotes Catalog # 37 (Lot #  b37_4177).

Of the 6 most beautiful banknotes presented above 5 notes seem to follow a logical sequence of numbers! These banknotes also include a red stamp on the bottom left of the note, except for E.1- 40273. So I asked to Claude Fayette give us his opinion on the presence of this stamp (see his response in the box below).

The opinion of Claude Fayette about the red stamp"This stamp, sometimes attributed to the Tessier Collection is without doubt earlier, and between us, what a collector would deliberately deface banknotes from his collection with such a brand? Questions persist about this mark. This is perhaps a simple stamp archives or a cancellation stamp! Indeed, a small amount of coursables Notes of the series "E.1" has been used occasionally as specimen, or of similar state and the sequence of statements numbers. This little red stamp is observed in almost all specimens of the Tresor Public Type 1955 known to date." Claude Fayette.









La version française a été publiée au format PDF dans le Bulletin Numismatique N°137 de cgb.fr : lire

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