Specimens out of the street!

500 francs, 1,000 francs and 5,000 francs Marianne type 1945 Specimen

Let's start by going back in time... In 2004, the cgb.fr french auction house of Paris publishes its catalog "Banknotes #37 Special France" and sells three outstanding notes in "Specimen": 500 francs, 1,000 francs and 5,000 francs "Marianne" type 1945 (Ref. # VF11.5, # VF13-? and # VF14-2). The 3 banknotes are classified in UNC grade and sold respectively for € 900, € 1,100 and € 7,500. But the 3 notes are unfortunately mutilated by two perforations cancellation. (See sales in the cgb.fr website: VF11, VF13 and VF14). Anecdotally, it is especially the 1000 Frs Marianne holds at the time all the attention, since it is unknown in the Fayette book (Ref. # VF.13). It must be said that in France, these three notes are particularly scarce and opportunities to get one are also very fleeting! But it turns out that it does not seem to be the case with our British neighbors! Indeed, between 2009 and 2014, the Spink auction house of London, sold no less than 13 banknotes for the 3 references!


Of this total, 11 banknotes are numbered "Specimen No. ##" and they include almost all black stamp of the English printer Thomas De La Rue & Co. (TDLRC), see infographic below cons. The score of 3 references has reached the end of October 2014, a provisional total of 24 notes. In the summary table presented below, you will notice that the notes are not currently met beyond the number # 50 for three references. These banknotes have they been subject to a finding of archives across the Channel? In any case, there are already the delight of collectors who may have despaired of the return one day in collection.


In conclusion, I imagine that some notes were returned to France, as the sale price of English often achieved new heights. But these findings also support us on the growing interest of French and foreign collectors to wear Treasury notes! Article dated November 3, 2014. Yann-Noël Henon.









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