In 1955, a new issue of banknotes is made available to French occupation troops stationed in Germany and Austria. Since 1947, the troops already use 5 banknotes of the "TRESOR FRANCAIS".

In this series, only the 100 francs is maintained, but with "TRESOR PUBLIC" printed on the right. 3 new notes accompany this 100 francs: a 500 francs note which is set aside (it will only be used from 1960), a note of 1,000 francs and a note of 5,000 francs. Only the 1,000 francs will be highlighted in this article ...


The picture was created by Rigal and engraved by Beltrand for the front and by Chapon for the back. The various known references are: Fayette: # VF35", Pick # M12" and "Schwan-Boling # 842". Its dimensions are: 150x92mm. The note does not include signatures and is not dated. Printing is polychrome mainly blue-green and pink. On the front: a helmeted profile of Mercury holding a caduceus. In the background, a leafy boughs and birds. In the watermark to the right, a helmeted profile mercury and below the word "VALID IN GERMANY FOR FRENCH FORCES AND PEOPLE ALLOWED BY THEM." There are the numeric values ​​in the upper corners with "TRESOR PUBLIC" in the center. On the back: a woman's head wearing a flower crown and holding in his hand a sheaf of wheat. In the background, there are twigs, flying birds, a strip of sky to right and values ​​identical in the front.


Two types of specimen are known: a first copy, perforated "SPECIMEN" in oblique on the right side of the note with number "0000000" and a red stamp in bottom left. There is a second type of specimen, but without the red stamp, very rare! We have no reliable information about this red stamp that has often been attributed wrongly to the Tessier Collection. The cut also available in trial, but without the watermark.


The number of cuts being printed still unknown to date a systematic tally of coursables notes was conducted for several years (1). A list, still provisional right, has been established and already gives some clues, for a total of 108 banknotes dotted with grades (2).


First, this notes is very rarely seen for sale. Of the last 3 years, I have actually 12 banknotes for this year 2016, 17 banknotes for 2015, knowing that out of this total, 9 notes were offered at the same sale "Interenchères" in Manosque, June 13, 2015, lots # 149 to # 155. All the notes were all between F to VF/XF grade. In 2014, only 7 banknotes were offered for sale!


Then, the table below shows that this cut is almost not found in UNC grade! To my knowledge, only two copies are listed in perfect grade: the "M.56 - 036" (3) in UNC grade and the "T.79 - 728" (4) in aUNC grade in the FBOW Collection. The exemplary "L.67 - 067" classified UNC grade in the Fayette inventory, asks, because that note was offered for FR1800 in XF grade, during the sale of the Collection Marcel Tessier in 1982 (lot # B60).


The smallest known banknote is: "A.1 - 403" and the largest found note is the "H.94 - 245".

Yann-Noël Hénon



(1) Fayette Inventory , sales catalogs: House Platt, Numiscollection. Auctions / V.S.O: cgb.fr, Spink, Corné Akkermans, Heritage Auctions. sales sites in Lines: ebay, delcampe.

(2) Established statements are subject to reserve. This is only my personal opinion.

(3) The note "M.56 - 036" seen on sale for € 610 in March 1994 by Monaco Collections, 47th VSO (Lot # 30).

(4) The note "T.79 - 728" in FBOW Collection; Sogefi sale Coin catalog # 30, Fall 2007.

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Table of the pointing:

Fayette: VF35.1, Pick: M12, Schwan-Boling: 842. Front of the note.

Fayette: VF35.1, Pick: M12, Schwan-Boling: 842. Back of the note.

Fayette: VF35.2, Pick: M12s, Schwan-Boling: 842s. Without "red stamp".

Fayette: VF35.2, Pick: M12s, Schwan-Boling: 842s. With the "red stamp".